We are located near Bhuddha park Swoyambhu ,(10 mins from Monkey Temple main entrance & 7 mins from the Kimdole taxi stand. ). We do have airport pick up so you can avoid unnecessary hassle which is common at Kathmandu Airport!! The Airport Pick up cost Nrs 1000 which you can share with your Friend (Up to three people). If you arrive at Night time the charge would be NRs 1200.

If you come yourself, Please beware of Airport/Taxi touts as they will try to convenience you we do not exist as they get paid to bring you to there friends guest house. Please note we do exist and you can call us any time +977 9813 56 4272. and we can give the taxi directions and we can pick you up anywhere in Swoyambhu.

If you are coming from the airport the easiest way is: Catch a prepaid taxi in the airport to either Buddha park (ring road) Swoyambhu, Near 3 large Golden Buddha Statues. You can easily get the taxi to phone us or you can call from any shop and we will come to pick you up . We are about 2 mins from Buddha park ,Swoyambhu. Our number is +977 9813 56 4272

MEETING POINT in front of the Buddha Park ( 3 large golden Buddha Statues)

Airport to the MEETING POINT
50 mins approx (Taxi) Rupees 1000.00

Kalanki to the MEETING POINT
40 mins approx (Taxi) Rupees 250.00

Thamel to the MEETING POINT
30-35 mins approx (Walk) Save some money
20 mins approx (Taxi) Rupees 300.00

Swoyambhu main entrance (Bhagwan Paau) to the MEETING POINT
8-10 mins approx (Walk)

Please feel free to email / contact us for airport pick up