Welcome To Sparkling Turtle Backpackers Hostel!

The Sparkling Turtle Backpackers Hostel offers a unique opportunity to live amongst Holy Monkeys and to experience the vibrant chanting of the Monks’ prayers from the many monasteries that surround Swoyambhu.

We are an independent Backpackers Hostel located in the heart of the sacred and mystical town of Swoyambhu Kathmandu. Swoyambhunath (Monkey Temple) is a famous Temple serving both Hindus and Buddhists.

Within our deep passion for Nepal and adventure tourism, we are here to promote a greater presence of Hostelling Culture to the fast growing Nepali Tourism Industry.

We offer clean, affordable and safe accommodations for all those who have come to explore the endless beauty that Nepal has to offer. You will find a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to connect with and share stories amongst other travelers.

Monkey see, monkey do and Swoyambhu is not an exception. Be here to see it!